This blog is my vision, my thoughts on being creative, spiritual but not religious, funny yet sarcastic, strong yet vulnerable.

Life is a ride which is smooth yet jerky. We all have stories to tell, worries to bother about, sadness to fill our hearts and grief to fill eyes with tears. You can share your stories here on my blog. May be a complete stranger whom you have neither seen nor met can show you a ray of hope.

Thereโ€™s a ray of light after every night. And we all will live to see the night pass by…to fill our hearts with hope, desire, love and happiness for a better tomorrow.

Cheers to this thing called Life!!!


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  1. As Henry J. Tillman said :”Life is something that everyone should try at least once.” ,i like you’re positive mind …

    Willow: Thanks for your visit Mallika!

  2. it is the 1st day i read your notes..wooow…
    but from today i’m looking for you writings everyday…!

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