I am back


Hello All,

So, I have been missing from the blogger’s world for almost 4 years with an exception of a solo post in the month of February, 2013. In 4 years, the interface of wordpress has changed so much and I am having a hard time figuring out options! 😕

Well, apologies to all the visitors who visited my blog and left sweet, appreciative comments to which I did not respond. I promise, I shall stay more active with at least one post per week 🙂

My excuse for being away: At times, you don’t have the urge to put your thoughts in words and life is zooming past at such a pace that you need to keep up with other changes to maintain your sanity and balance.

Anyways, finally I am back here with some more stuff to share!

I have two major interests: Foreign languages and Yoga

I managed to learn Spanish and German in the span of last 4 years! Yippie! 🙂 (But, now the battle is to keep the learning alive after stepping out of language school :shock:)

Currently, my focus is on learning yoga. After much wait (of a few years)…I managed to find a good, authentic yoga institute which is easily accessible for me. I have taken three classes and already started discovering the magic one can do using controlled breathing. I never knew one can relax so much just by paying attention to a simple,but ignored and taken for granted process of breathing.

I will share my experience with all of you about my learning very soon. I hope I can give all of you a reason to learn something which can help you manage your stress and feel more healthy and alive.

Till then…keep smiling!




Pranayama is a Sanskrit word. It is made up of two words, Pran (meaning life force particularly breath) and Ayama (meaning to draw out or exhale). It is an important part of yoga and meditation.

Pranayama is basically a breathing exercise wherein one learns to control breath to attain higher level of consciousness.  Our body has several energy channels. When we breathe, the inhaled air regulates all these channels. The amount and quality of air that we breathe and the way it flows through our energy channels determine our state of mind.

I am sure, all of you must have heard that if you feel very angry, you should take slow and longer breaths and it will help to control the anger. Unknowingly, you end up doing a type of pranayama to control your mind and thus anger.

If you breath deeply with air filling your lungs completely, the air or prana level will be high in your body  and its flow will  be  continuous, smooth and steady. As a result, your  mind will remain calm, happy and positive. On the contrary, shallow breathing may fill one with stress, worries, impatience and unnecessary fear.


So, to stay fit and feel calm do pranayama every day.