I am back


Hello All,

So, I have been missing from the blogger’s world for almost 4 years with an exception of a solo post in the month of February, 2013. In 4 years, the interface of wordpress has changed so much and I am having a hard time figuring out options! πŸ˜•

Well, apologies to all the visitors who visited my blog and left sweet, appreciative comments to which I did not respond. I promise, I shall stay more active with at least one post per week πŸ™‚

My excuse for being away: At times, you don’t have the urge to put your thoughts in words and life is zooming past at such a pace that you need to keep up with other changes to maintain your sanity and balance.

Anyways, finally I am back here with some more stuff to share!

I have two major interests: Foreign languages and Yoga

I managed to learn Spanish and German in the span of last 4 years! Yippie! πŸ™‚ (But, now the battle is to keep the learning alive after stepping out of language school :shock:)

Currently, my focus is on learning yoga. After much wait (of a few years)…I managed to find a good, authentic yoga institute which is easily accessible for me. I have taken three classes and already started discovering the magic one can do using controlled breathing. I never knew one can relax so much just by paying attention to a simple,but ignored and taken for granted process of breathing.

I will share my experience with all of you about my learning very soon. I hope I can give all of you a reason to learn something which can help you manage your stress and feel more healthy and alive.

Till then…keep smiling!



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