I am Tagged!


I have been tagged twice by SAG and Alice to do this tag.
So, here I present 25 random things about me, eventually ending the dry spell of my blog!

1. I hate to write “about me” type of descriptions. 
2. Fiery reds and oranges are my type of colours.
3. I don’t believe in idol worship.
4. I can have mojito, bloody mary or ice tea any time of the day.
5. I dislike strawberry and chocolate ice creams, pastries, cream based cakes, etc.
6. I love Chinese and Thai food.
7. I do not get angry easily.
8. I like to do things at my own pace and abhor rushed up attitude.
9. I don’t believe in ghosts.
10. I hate thrillers and bhootwala movies.
11. Learning foreign languages is my hobby.
12. I enjoy observing people and their gestures.
13. I don’t make opinions on people and situations easily.
14. I enjoy multitasking.
15. I enjoy solitude, a book, violin, and a glass of red wine.
16. I love sea more than mountains.
17. I live two parallel lives simultaneously.
18. I think I would make a good female driver, though I don’t yet know a,b, c of driving!
19. I find internet banking a blessing.
20. I hate to get wet in rain.
21. When I come to nastiness, which is very occasional…, I can be very mean and hard hitting.
22. I would love to experiment with my hair colour and wear coloured contact lenses! Though I haven’t tried any of the two things. I am too scared to get my hair treated chemically. I suffer from dry eyes…so wear transparent lenses occasionally.
23. I adore one piece dresses.
24. I have never been to a discotheque. Shame on me!
25. I like listening to old hindi movie songs.
26. I believe in doing things at my own pace as long as it does not trouble anyone. I took my own sweet time to do this tag. Hope it didn’t trouble anyone. 😀



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  1. 🙂 Nice to know more of you but couldn’t help but wonder at this; “I live two parallel lives simultaneously.” I can’t handle one properly and you live two lives!! 🙂 Cool!! 🙂

  2. Agreed with sakhi… 😀
    Here one life is not being handled properly and you live two!!!
    I must say, Great multitasker you are… 😛

  3. @Sakhi, Amit, SAG:

    Yey! Two parallel lives. First is your real self, who wants to be free like a bird and not afraid of anything or anyone. Second, is the socially acceptable creature, who lives within the defined lines of the society carrying out all the responsibilities meticulously!

    So, for sometime I become my real self and treat myself which gives me the sufficient boost to wear the socially acceptable creatures’ mask!! 😀

    @Alice: Ya, we are so different. I guess rebelliousness, randomness and need of constant change joins us. What say? 😉

    @Arpit: Multitasking is a typical gemini trait. We can’t help it. Without this, we will be bored to death. 🙂

  4. Interesting stuff.I t have 25 random notes but thats on my FB page.How have you been?all well?

  5. People here are quite taken in by your ‘parallel lives’ confession. May be they assumed a double role 😉

    I love one piece dresses too! And bloody Mary, you know how I couldn’t bring myself to like it. 😦

  6. tu kaha hai aaj kal…

    yaaddash chali gai hai?

    likhna bhool gai hai?

    kaha sad rahi hai bata…

    grrr… come back!! write…!!!! 😀

  7. @Alice: Hey…nice to see ur comment after such a long time.
    I was underground like u. Drowned in work and moreover had nothing to write.
    Worked so much that i left work for sometime. Now, chilling out for sometime!

    Will post something new very soon. 🙂

  8. We’re all grieving,
    Lost and Bleeding… ='(
    All Our Lives we’ve been waitin for someone to talk our leader,
    All Your Lies
    I’m Not Believing, Heaven Shine A Light Down On Me.
    =) Evanescence Song “The Only One”

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