Healing Thyself


What do you usually do when you feel down and out…too weak and stressed to bounce back with all the effervescence you are usually linked to?

  • Probably, write a personal rant post cursing how unfair life is, people   ruthless, or circumstances simply devastating. 

😦 Writing is the last thing I can think of. Even if my mind is facing a tornado of negative thoughts, I could very rarely bring myself out to vomit it all on a word document! People tell me that my blog leaves them with a positive and good feeling. How can I defy the essence of my blog and post something like this. So, not writing anything at all suits me well on such black days!

  • Crib and behave badly with people to take out your wrath, frustration and anger.

 The idea appeals me. But, I am a person who goes on emotional hibernation and come up with almost a stoic and indifferent attitude towards people, when I feel really frustrated and angry.

I do believe that in state of anger, we end up speaking more than required and may hurt people more than we intend to (though at that moment you might experience a sudden urge to murder people even!). This is a sure shot idea to feel better instantly. I personally don’t go for it as in anger I become very bitter and shoot sharp words! Though, bottling things inside me harms me more and prolongs my healing period, but I can’t help it.

  • Have a few cribbing sessions with close friends over a drink.

This is precisely what I like to do. Last Friday, I met one of my female friends, cribbed about life and people, had a wonderful mojito and felt better. Girls are your best pals in such times. Guys, don’t mind this, but you are not capable of understanding emotional upheaval faced by a female.
Cheers to such meetings which infuse life in me! 😛

  • Spend time with your own self in peace.

Talking about, spending time with my own self…office is the place for that which has become my zone of comfort more than my house. Though I worked like a donkey for 12 hours/day in the past one month, but I still love my workplace.

It might not be very peaceful in office considering the moderate noise levels, but so what at least I can hear what my own self is saying. Somehow, I am capable of streamlining my thoughts and working with focus even if I am placed in a room with blaring sounds!

Now, that I am on my path of healing myself…and have started feeling fair (though not good :()…the first thing in office I am doing is writing this post, before this good feeling loses its fizz by end of the day due to tiredness and #$%^& things!
So, this is for you Alice  and Arpit who missed me so terribly (though I keep meeting Arpit every now and then!). Thanks! 🙂

I know life is unfair, but still you can bend down in front of it.


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  1. Well..I was wondering why you seemed to have gone off the boil..perfectly ok.Mood swings I mean.There is no other way of dealing with life other than meeting it head on:)Keep that chin up:)

    Willow: Thanks!

  2. i see that straight curve turning into a wide gleeful smile very soon 😛
    better go for such girls out everyday, you will bloom back to life soon 😛
    and i think you are right, your blog stands for postivity and enthusiasm, so if you feel that such posts defy your motive, better dont write anything, we all understand
    and i am looking forward for a hearty post from you
    all the best and get over this soon 😛

    Willow: Let’s see when the straight line turns into a perfect curve! I myself don’t know. 🙂

    Probably the fight has gone too far to be able to sustain.

  3. Glad to read you after a long time. “Life is a bitch but it can be tamed. Depends how good trainers we are!!”

    Wow, it feels so good to tell this to somebody else. But when i get upset with life i need somebody else to tell me such words of wisdom!! 😉 hee..hee..

    Willow: Thanks Sakhi for all those visits to my blog, only to find nothing new to read. 🙂
    You are right…when you are upset, even though one knows all the fundas to lead life…one needs to be told that again.

    I might be writing about all the positive and good things in life and how we need to fight even if life is unfair…. but at times I can also act complacent! Right! 😉

  4. Well, yaar this is your own blog…feel free to rant or inspire. I knew you were busy, so wasn’t checking your blog..and its understandable, given that the amount of time we spend at work, it is almost our second home… 🙂

    Also, you hit upon the right thing, men may or may not remain same in our life, but girlfriends are eternal.. LOL

    Willow: I don’t know… ranting through writing is very difficult for me. I hope we can have a machine that could transform words into thoughts! 😛

    Cheers to my eternal girlfriends! 😀

  5. sweetie this blog is ur space on the net… its u who decides what to write and what not to write… u can rant/bitch/slap/murder whatever or whoever u want to… its YOUR SPACE…so whoever says that ur blog should follow some sorta protocol then tell him/her/it to read between the lines (iIi) and go take a long walk… :mrgreen:

    (i know that is a poor representation of sayin fuck off! but i bet u got what i meant 😛 )

    go to some spa, rejuvenate urself, chill and have a char minar…! heh! 😀 life isnt that bad… sometimes we believe the problems to be too big…when in reality they arent…

    im glad ur back…! 😆

    Willow: I know its my space. But, I have a problem. I can’t write when I am down and out. as such I am not a natural writer, and in such times it becomes all the more difficult to pen anything. 😀
    I have the choice but, I don’t want it.

    Feeling much better just like a balloon which has recently been deflated! 😀

  6. I think that writing can be very therapeutics and serves as a good catharsis for you to vent out those bad feelings. Jus like in blogging, it allows people to shed off their own disappointments throught their posts.

    Willow: I agree to your point of view. But, I guess it doesn’t work same for everyone. Some people like me have a tendency to go into a shell when feeling low. So, any kind of expression say verbal or written gets blocked.

  7. no single post since so many days
    post even a chimpanzee snap with your sign it will do it but please come out of your shell 😛

  8. Hmm..i know im the female friend in question here..almopst a month and I don’t even know I’m being praised on a public platform…grrrrrrr… 😉

    Hey BTW, do u see the irony…we went to BLUES to beat the blues 😀 hahaha

    Willow: Yeah..beat the blues at blues! 😀

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