Monthly Archives: February 2009

Healing Thyself


What do you usually do when you feel down and out…too weak and stressed to bounce back with all the effervescence you are usually linked to?

  • Probably, write a personal rant post cursing how unfair life is, people   ruthless, or circumstances simply devastating. 

😦 Writing is the last thing I can think of. Even if my mind is facing a tornado of negative thoughts, I could very rarely bring myself out to vomit it all on a word document! People tell me that my blog leaves them with a positive and good feeling. How can I defy the essence of my blog and post something like this. So, not writing anything at all suits me well on such black days!

  • Crib and behave badly with people to take out your wrath, frustration and anger.

 The idea appeals me. But, I am a person who goes on emotional hibernation and come up with almost a stoic and indifferent attitude towards people, when I feel really frustrated and angry.

I do believe that in state of anger, we end up speaking more than required and may hurt people more than we intend to (though at that moment you might experience a sudden urge to murder people even!). This is a sure shot idea to feel better instantly. I personally don’t go for it as in anger I become very bitter and shoot sharp words! Though, bottling things inside me harms me more and prolongs my healing period, but I can’t help it.

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