Days when life is unfair


I feel totally disconnected from those  men cawwho think women have gone overboard on liberalization front. I just want to ask, how would men know importance of freedom of choice when they rarely miss it. We realize importance of only those things in life that we miss.

I don’t have any personal grudge against opposite sex and I don’t even mean that men never miss anything in life. This is just a piece of dissatisfied mind after an incident.


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  1. i personally dont like to read dark and gothic posts
    and same is your case. your blog idolizes the fact that “life is a celebration and we should all be a part of it” 😛
    but anyways for once in a while its good but dont make it a regular feature
    true that we miss only things which are important but such are life diaries 😛

    Willow: Life can be a celebration of melancholy at times!

  2. Hope everything is fine

    Willow: Yeah, all well. Just a mood swing and my revolutionary mind seething at the general disparity between genders.

    Anyways, thanks for asking. 🙂

    Sorry I am unable to read your blog these days. Swimming in office work!

  3. well WW, Gender disparity is too serious an issue to be swept under the carpet or ignored only because blogs are supposed to be cheerful.Years ago in New York,I felt a current of fear while travelling the underground-not knowing if i’d be mugged,shot or assaulted..and I remembered even then that this is what the Women from my hometown Delhi live with every day..the unspoken fear.
    You are take their freedom for granted

  4. Did it help your 3rd chakra to express your ‘dissatisfied mind’ (great description, btw)? I recently had an incident that felt very much like this and when I went to bed that night I had deep coughing where my throat felt like it was flexing with each rather violent cough. I can’t remember ever having a cough that felt that painful and violent – but I had the distinct feeling that I was ‘choking’ on the aftermath of my unsettling encounter with a male who didn’t seem to see me, was only trying to categorize and reduce me to his definition of me. Ugh. Just wondered if that resonates with this experience you are describing …

    Willow: Well, unfortunately what I have described is something different.

  5. is there any way i can speak with you directly? i have something i would like to share with/ talk to you about.

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