And the day came to an end…


The day is going pretty well. It’s quite easy at office today because:

  1. Head office is off. Pongal holiday.
  2. Previous experience on a similar kind of project is coming handy.
  3. I am generally in good mood these days. 🙂

Sitting in office, many thoughts are buzzing in my mind. I wish to do so much at different levels in life. This tornado of thoughts engulfs my mind when I am feeling really high. (High as in not after a few shots, office timings are still on!) These thoughts fade as soon as I step in the whirlwind of daily life. But, this fadedness never transforms into lack of vision or focus. I get the thoughts back as soon as I step out of my house, all alone, out in the world. Sitting on my seat in office, which has become a comforting place, a second home for me… I am just pondering and analyzing my thoughts, what I got in life and what I didn’t.

Lately, I have been observing that I end up forgetting or not noticing so many things. This could be the side affect of living in my own world parallel to the other world’s co-inhabitants. But, I am not complaining. I like it this way! 😛

To life and its highs and lows!


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  1. Nice! Just don’t forget about me in this parallel world of yours. Cheers!

    Willow: You are the center of my parallel world. How can I forget you. 🙂

  2. temporary memory loss 😛
    oh! people have not seen you in the worst mood………..( they shouldnt either else you will chop them off into pieces ) 😆

    Willow: ab itna bhi extreme gussa nahi hai mera that i go on butchering people!:P

  3. willow ..billow 😛 sent you an award
    check your email and accept it 😛

    Willow: Saw it the day you sent it. But, was really busy to access my blog. Thanks! 😀

  4. sex on toast… welcome to the world of idyllic living… 😀 😀

    Willow: Yes, living in this mode has its own pleasure! 😛

  5. you are welcome ! 😆
    and now you dont design a header for me …i got one for myself (chal fut) 😛

    Willow: I was about to design one for you last week. But, you changed your blog design. 😦

  6. design a header for me… why not me?!!?!

    ME ME ME….


    ME ME ME…


    ME ME ME…

    alright i need to shut up 😀

    but design a header for me, na? 😆

    Willow: Seems like you and Arpit are up to pulling my leg. 😛 I promise I will design header for both of you, but not before February 2. I am immersed in office work 😦 and I usually do such work in office only. (what a hardworking employee I am!) 😀

    And weekends have been taken by my german language classes!

  7. @ alice : alice, withering is very lazy
    you will grow old but she wouldnt design a header 😛

    Willow: Now, you shut up Mr. Arpit. betey padhai karo. I am keeping so busy, header chodo I don’t even have the time to write a post or even visit blogs to read and comment.

    Some analysis work in office is depleting my brain. 😀

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