Energy Level of Chakras


My last post on chakras was a brief introduction to the 7 chakras present in
human body. If you want to gather some more information on the 7 chakras, you can subscribe to an ecourse here.

In this post, I will talk about the energy levels of these chakras. How the imbalance in energy in any chakra can put our body off its mental and physical balance.

chakrasleonardo2The word “chakra” is derived from Sanskrit language. It means “wheel.” Our bodily energy rotates in these wheels continuously. Have you ever thought what happens if there is a blockage in this rotation of energy?

Do you know that each chakra rotates at a different speed. The root chakra rotates at the slowest speed while the crown chakra at the highest. There roatation/vibration can be stimulated by gemstones and colors which are complimentary to the chakras.

How would one realize that there is a blockage in the flow of energy across chakras? Let’s see.

If there is a blockage in the energy flow of your body, you may end up feeling tired or depressed. This will not only affect your physical body opening doors for diseases but, will also affect your mind too. A negative outlook, fear, doubt, anger, etc. may occupy your mind.

Say you have been having constant headaches. This may point to an imbalance in your seventh or crown chakra. May be you have stuffed some emotions inside yourself blocking the energy flow which resulted in stress leading to the horrible headaches. Does it make some sense?


Whenever you block your experiences, your feelings…you end up blocking your chakras. So, it’s important for you to maintain a healthy flow of energy in our body and to remove any blockage which may interfere with the natural flow of energy in chakras. Everyday stress, work load, pollution, noise, anger, exhaustion, bad eating patterns, unhealthy food, etc. disturb this natural energy flow.

So, now you know why it’s said that only a healthy body is home to a healthy soul and why it’s important to have a natural unhindered flow of universal energy in your body.
In my next post on chakras, I will write in detail how this blockage of energy may affect each chakra specifically. You can then identify your own blocked chakras by mapping them to the symptoms related to each blocked chakra.

Till then, you take this chakra test and identify your strong and weak chakras.

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  1. mujhe chakkar aa rahe hai! 😀 😛

    j/k, never knew about all these!

    Chakras ke barey mein padhkar chakkar! 😀
    Glad that I could offer you something new to read which you were not aware of before! 😉

  2. Do you think this is true? i mean i have come across people who practice this but can the energy be channelized according to our convenience and is it possible that we can gain the best from this? 🙄

    Willow: This is 100% true. I can vouch for it because I myself practice this. Energy can be certainly channelized. I have learned reiki, which helps me in channelizing body energy. It’s a wonderful experience healing your body with colour therapy or simple chants of Om or gayantri mantra after a stressful day.

    Do try it once. Chants work best when you sit in relaxed manner with eyes closed and no surrounding noise. Some soothing soft music can be played at low volume. I love lighting aroma therapy lamps too. 😛

    Telling you about all this…I am already missing doing this. Will help myself post office! 😀

  3. wow! that was something… 🙂 thank you for the information…was always curious about chakras and you explained it smoothly here 🙂

    Willow: I am glad I could offer you some new information! 😀

    Keep visiting wonderful lady!

  4. Well, you finally did your follow-up post. 🙂

    Willow: Yeah! Finally I broke the long spell! No work in office 😦 so keeping myself occupied this way!

  5. To BNG: if your just a young girl and at peace with your God, try channeling chakras later when the time comes.

    Willow: And when is this time supposed to come. Being at peace is not related to age, I used to think so! 🙄

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