Life is Calling…!!!



Have you ever tried to talk to life? Now don’t tell me that this is a crazy question…when did life started actually talking to people!!!

I feel life talks to everybody, its just that you should be ready to hear the whispers. But, we are so weighed down by everyday routine stuff that we overlook these whispers. The sweet whispers are filled with melancholic and cacophonous noises. And a point comes in our life when these whispers are so overpowered by noises that we lose the ability to sense them forever. We end up being complacent and ranting out that life is unfair to each one of us in its own unique ways. Can’t tell you how much I hate thinking or hearing this. Signs of a loser!

My life speaks to me and i love what it tells me. It tells me to slow down, to stop running in the blind race of career, money, status, and power. It tells me to slow down to enjoy what I possess. It reassures me that it is beautiful and I need to spend time with it, my life… to enjoy it, to understand it. It tells me about all the wonderful things we have in this world. It tells me that there is love, faith, compassion, friendship, emotions, laughter, empathy, and all such beautiful feelings.

It tells me money is important but not the only factor to bring a smile and a satisfying sleep at night. It tells me to nurture a feeling of satisfaction in whatever I have. It tells me to move ahead and touch milestones of success but without bringing others down. It tells me to be true to myself and not hurt others.

Oh what all it tells me! It’s so wonderful…to have life as your teacher. I wish I could hear the whispers till my end, my life’s ends.

Life is Calling…Where are you!


Go drink a smirnoff vodka…you will surely hear whisperings of life if till now you haven’t! 😀



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  1. i am the first one to comment …..yipeeee
    wondering about life i just feel its one roller coaster ride……..unpredictable and unstoppable but what matters the most is that you enjoy its every aspect… keeps you in touch with your soul …..whispers come aloud when you start your own thought process , is able to distinct between what is right and what is wrong…..that is the true realization of your inner self……
    thank you willow for making for again enlightening me … know what we can plan together to write spiritual books…..make a lot of money what say 😛

    Willow: I agree with your thoughts. Its important to run your self-realization thought process before taking this world head on.

    We can certainly write spiritual books and make money and one more person will help in writing and giving pravachans in a gathering like a modern day sadhu baba… and that’s kshitij! 😉
    Humne toh retirement plan mein yahi socha hai! Ha ha! 😀

  2. Interesting….ever thought about writing “death is calling”?

    Willow: Glad that you found the thought interesting.

    Never thought about writing “death is calling” because it hasn’t called me yet. So, I don’t know how it feels when death calls. If it ever called you, do let me know I will write your experience 🙂

    On a more serious note, I am busy celebrating life. Death will come when the celebration is over. Moreover the idea behind this blog is celebrating life, not death.

  3. i definitely hear life calling but i don’t know where it is coming from. i have moments where i feel tempted to quit my job and do some soul-searching, though i’m not sure what that entails! right now, i feel like life should have more meaning than what it means to me at the moment.

    Willow: “Don’t know where it is coming from….” It’s coming from your heart where else? By soul-searching, I understand you stay in touch with your inner self. You stay grounded and hear what your heart says. In my opinion, this all is possible in a job even! Because if after leaving your job, you are anxious about financial security, nothing would bring you relief.

    You can certainly make your life more meaningful. But, in my opinion first you need to realize what you want from this life. Is it money, is it success, is it social service, etc. Just zero out what brings you peace. And then simply go, get those things.

    In my case, materialistic possessions, success in career do bring in a lot of satisfaction. But, with them a realization also comes that life is much more than these possessions. Its about loving, caring, enjoying sunlight, taking walks, eating food with family, making people around me happy…

    I hope you hit the realization soon. Good Luck! 🙂

  4. There is only one way to really live your life and that is to not turn into a deaf moron.

    Well written. Hope you follow this philosophy to the tee!

    Willow: With you by my side, I will never turn into a deaf moron. 🙂

  5. Most of the people would love to hear what life has to say but they have to stuff the cotton balls of responsibilities in their ears. 🙂

    Willow: Well…I don’t agree that being responsible means that you won’t be able to hear what your life says!
    My life tells me to be responsible…to take the responsibilities happily rather than burden. Shying away from responsibilities is a cowardly act…the difference in outlook is your choice.

    But, you don’t need to torture yourself to be responsible and fulfill your duties. There is a thin line. I feel if you know where to stop it can be easy for you. What say?? 😀

  6. “It tells me to slow down, to stop running in the blind race of career, money, status, and power. It tells me to slow down to enjoy what I possess” 🙂 you are a beautiful soul….

    Willow: Welcome to my blog Manushi! Thanks so much for the compliment. Keep visiting. 🙂

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