Monthly Archives: December 2008

I am being tagged


Alice tagged me for this alphabet tag! She will surely dissect my brain to get through my thought process which goes in multiple directions parallely! Can’t help I am a Gemini! 😀

I have this alphabet “S” and I am supposed to give a few words starting from this letter which come to my mind!

My name starts from letter S! So that’s the first word I can think of!)

soup1Sweet & Sour Soup
I simply love this soup! I am salivating!

That I can be at times!

It lights up my face!

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Tugging Tagging!


Alice tagged me to do this tough exercise. Does she want to check my drawing skills or my thought process ! redface She gave me these five words:  shades, men, randomness, children, philosophy. I am supposed to present my sketches depicting these words. After discarding a few, I managed to finalise the final ones! 😀

Well… here I am displaying my skills in all the splendour! Hold your breath and close you eyes…here I go…! :mrgreen:

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