Binging Bingo!


Thanks to Lord Ganesha, I got a chance to say bye bye to my office around lunch time on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi. My organization’s head office is in Chennai and it was a holiday there. As a result, the work was easy in Delhi too.

My office is situated in the heart of city i.e. Connaught Place. It’s always a pleasure to roam around aimlessely in CP. And I am one person who can eat, shop, roam, enjoy all alone.

So, when I got a chance to leave early I took the advantage to treat my taste buds! I am fond of Chinese, Italian and occasional Thai food. Vegetarian only! I don’t believe in killing animals to fill my stomach.

Taste of China

My first destination was “Taste of China.” The restaurant’s interiors reminded me of Hotel Radisson in Shimla where I vacationed some time back. I was filled with nostalgia. It’s not the interiors where the restaurant scores, but the food. Any food lover who appreciates Chinese food should explore this place.  The menu comprised of all the possible Chinese food veg and non-veg. Thai curries were also on the menu. After much pondering, I settled for steamed vegetable dumplings (don’t confuse them with momos!) though some other food items comprising of baby corns, broccoli etc. seem equally inviting. I wanted to do some restaurant hopping so I didn’t order any other item. One lime flavored bacardi breezer completed my order.

My order took a little longer than I expected or may be I was really hungry. The dumplings were accompanied by some peculiar looking thing. It wasn’t exactly a dip as it was solid. In first look it appeared that spinach has been cut, fried and burnt. The stuff was in a small pool of oil. I am still not sure what that transparent liquid was. In curiosity I tasted that black stuff and I was exhilarated. Whatever its appearance was, it tasted heavenly. Anyone who appreciates the taste of garlic would surely like this so called dip. The dumplings were nicely filled, delicate and well-steamed. When eaten with dip, they tasted wonderful.  I felt hungrier after eating the dumplings and had to stop myself from ordering more as I planned to go restaurant hopping. I felt the pricing of dishes was fair when compared to the taste offered.

So, out of 5 stars

Effect on wallet:

Effect on taste buds:

Sorry for not posting any food picture or restaurant picture. I never thought I would write about it, else would have surely taken.

Nirula’s Pot Pourri

My next stop was Nirula’s Pot Pourri. I have to admit that I am not a very big fan of Nirula’s. I do not like the food offered in Nirula’s. But, still I decided to go as this Nirula’s was not the usual one. I liked its logo which was different than usual one. While walking down my office road, I could always see its huge windows giving me an idea of its spaciousness.

Pot Pourri’s entry is adjacent to that of Taste of China. When I entered the place, I was surely not disappointed. The interiors were a mix of old world charm and modernism. It was huge and has the air of relaxation. I could literally feel the shift in atmosphere from Taste of China. The place’s charm was infusing an informal homely feeling. The food line was impressive. They were serving Indian, Continental and Italian food. The range of pasta salads was impressive. The salad buffet costed around 315 (taxes extra) and you can have soup, breads, unending variety of salads and desserts. The entire table where the buffet was kept looked like some fairytale book picture. I settled for a hot chocolate fudge ice cream as I had one more place in my list where I had to eat something specific.

Pot Pourri was on a little expensive side if I compare it to Taste of China. But, I would surely like to recommend at least one visit there.

Effect on wallet:

Effect on taste buds: can’t say (I had ice cream only!)

Bonsai: The Terrace Garden

After bidding adieu to Pot Pourri and promising one more visit to myself I headed towards “Bonsai: The Terrace Garden.” I have visited this place a couple of times. It serves Chinese, Japanese, Thai food… Orinetal cuisine to be precise. Apart from regular seating, the restaurant has an open air sitting arrangement with an artificial waterfall. The lighting arrangement is nice. I also like the simple wooden chairs and tables with no frills and fancies, ideal for something like a terrace garden. I come at this place during winters and sitting out in sun is a pleasure at that time.

My repeat visit here was due to love for a specific dish i.e. Som Tam. It’s a Thai salad made of raw papaya. I tasted it 3 years back and since then it has become my favourite.  It has a tangy taste with roasted peanuts, red chillies, lime juice and raw grated papaya mixed together. There could be more ingredients but I could gather these only based on my tongue’s ability.

I also ordered Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls. The rolls were very low on spices and even the dip was bland. So, in case you are looking for something spicy, the dish is not meant for you. The dish had a very unique taste probably because of rice dough steamed layer.

Effect on wallet:

Effect on taste buds

All the places I visited today serve drinks in case you find alcohol an important element to enjoy.

After Bonsai my next destination was home. So, what to you expect next…one more restaurant! Hah! After heaving blissful meals my day ended wonderfully (effect on wallet to be ignored!).


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  1. WW,

    This is not fair…your descriptions of two of my fave cuisines-Thai and Chinese have left me drooling!!!

    I think you ought to seriously consider becoming a food critic…especially liked the wallet effect rating!!
    Good one, and a “tasteful” blog:-)

    Willow: Wow! we seem to be sharing the same taste. 🙂
    Thanks for appreciation. Food critic…me!!! I am flattered! 🙂
    Hope to write more such posts.

  2. slurping..salivating…dreaming…thanks for transporting me into my food fantasy….i hold ur blog solely responsible for my lack of interest in working today and the resultant scowl on my boss’ face!!!

    Willow: 😀 What should I say… don’t just dream, go and eat and may be you can invite your boss too to ease off the owl/scowl!

  3. Wah ! Wah!
    a great post about food !
    someone who enjoys food to the fullest can only write such a thing 😉

    Willow: Thanks! Yeah you got it right…I thoroughly enjoyed eating such dishes.

  4. Ohhhh u made me hungry!! I m off to have dinner 🙂
    Welcome back!!

    Willow: 😀 Hope you enjoyed your dinner even more! Thanks!

  5. Can you please give me the exact location of Taste of China. 🙂 My Mom is asking me to take her to lunch in CP and this seems to be the right place. 🙂
    And thanks for the reviews. I wish I too worked in CP… 😦

    Willow: Here’s your address:
    N-18, Connaught Circus, Opp.Scindia House, Connaught Place.
    In case blocks confuse you, I can give you landmarks… it’s opposite statesman wala road. Taste of china is on located on first floor above Blues restaurant. Other restaurants near it are: Subway, CCD, Barista, Banana Leaf etc. Archies is also near Taste of China. Hope you can easily spot it now!

    Let me know how you and your mom liked it. 🙂

  6. i’m not vegetarian but i think i might have joined you on your food spree. 😀 i love dumplings and rolls.

    Willow: You are most welcome! You could have given your views on non-veggie items. I am sure non-veggies would have welcomed it. 😀

  7. hey you liar ! don’t tell me you eat so much….besides why didn’t you take me along with you ……i would have surely enjoyed the 3 scoop chocolate fudge sundae of nirula’s 🙂
    pleasant and mouth watery post 🙂

    Willow: 😀
    I didn’t eat much. The helpings were small. And above all the food was steamed with almost no oil. So, it was not that heavy.

    We can go anytime you want. 🙂 I will surely take you to Taste of China. You will like it. And then we can have hot chocolate fudge. And I didn’t eat it all alone. Kshitij shared it and as usual I left the melted chocolate settled at the bottom. 😉

    If you can spare sometime once your exams are over, come over to CP in evening. I will join you from office and we will eat, eat and eat! 😀

  8. I agree with Arpit. You are a liar! You find cornflakes a heavy breakfast! Sounds like you ahd fun.

    Anyway I am not sure if my taste buds would accept Thai and Chinese. YOu know I am a fussy eater. 😦 But I sure could do with chocolate fudge and that salad at Bonsai sounds good. I am hoping it did not have onion and garlic. I can definitely take GJ and my sister there.

  9. 3 restaurants at one go? i wish i could do that!! hey by the way i really confused ur dumplings with momos! they look and “sound” the same! U know what? U better call up my office and hasten the lunch time! I literally am drooling over food thoughts already!! U’ve inspired me to take my camera along to one caribbean restaurant i planned to visit tomorrow!

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