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Binging Bingo!


Thanks to Lord Ganesha, I got a chance to say bye bye to my office around lunch time on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi. My organization’s head office is in Chennai and it was a holiday there. As a result, the work was easy in Delhi too.

My office is situated in the heart of city i.e. Connaught Place. It’s always a pleasure to roam around aimlessely in CP. And I am one person who can eat, shop, roam, enjoy all alone.

So, when I got a chance to leave early I took the advantage to treat my taste buds! I am fond of Chinese, Italian and occasional Thai food. Vegetarian only! I don’t believe in killing animals to fill my stomach.

Taste of China

My first destination was “Taste of China.” The restaurant’s interiors reminded me of Hotel Radisson in Shimla where I vacationed some time back. I was filled with nostalgia. It’s not the interiors where the restaurant scores, but the food. Any food lover who appreciates Chinese food should explore this place.  The menu comprised of all the possible Chinese food veg and non-veg. Thai curries were also on the menu. After much pondering, I settled for steamed vegetable dumplings (don’t confuse them with momos!) though some other food items comprising of baby corns, broccoli etc. seem equally inviting. I wanted to do some restaurant hopping so I didn’t order any other item. One lime flavored bacardi breezer completed my order.

My order took a little longer than I expected or may be I was really hungry. The dumplings were accompanied by some peculiar looking thing. It wasn’t exactly a dip as it was solid. In first look it appeared that spinach has been cut, fried and burnt. The stuff was in a small pool of oil. I am still not sure what that transparent liquid was. In curiosity I tasted that black stuff and I was exhilarated. Whatever its appearance was, it tasted heavenly. Anyone who appreciates the taste of garlic would surely like this so called dip. The dumplings were nicely filled, delicate and well-steamed. When eaten with dip, they tasted wonderful.  I felt hungrier after eating the dumplings and had to stop myself from ordering more as I planned to go restaurant hopping. I felt the pricing of dishes was fair when compared to the taste offered.

So, out of 5 stars

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