Letter to a Friend


This post is dedicated to one of my oldest childhood friends. We have been together in school right from the elementary classes. So, it’s been quite a long association. We were in same class, except during 9th and 10th standard when we were separated based on our choice of language. He chose Hindi and I took Sanskrit. But, we were soon together in the same class once again. Both of us opted for science stream, with a dream to become great doctors! We had a very small batch of medical stream students, less than 25. All of us wanted to crack Pre-Medical test. It’s altogether a different thing, that only one of us could do that! 🙂 Yeah you guessed it right-my friend. Rest either drifted to other streams (I being one of them! :P) or took admission by acquiring paid seats. 😦

But, today after chatting with him, I felt really sad and disappointed. 😦 We all know about the lack of seats in Medical colleges in India (Thanks to ever increasing population and reservations!.) You really need to have good stars to get admission in PG. 👿 Because of lack of sufficient seats in India (for the General category), my friend has gone to US to appear for an exam. There too he is facing some hurdles due to difference in educational structure. He wants to become an orthopedic but to study ortho in US requires the candidate should  have written research papers, publications and have good credentials. No second thought, our Indian educational system is a far cry. So, right in the beginning my friend is being forced to make a compromise by taking up some other specialization subject.

After every night, there is a ray of light.

My friend is a great, hard-working guy who does every task with utmost sincerity. I have seen him rise with his sheer hard work. His focus and enthusiasm to do something for the country was simply commendable. But, with passing years his enthusiasm has been wearing off. The constant struggle to get into PG program despite being a bright students has started taking toll on him. The constant idea of performing and keeping upto one’s own set standards has starting eating my dear friend.

I know he is a fighter, he will get up after every fall, after every setback ready to fight again. I also gave the Pre-Medical test so many times and failed miserably! It’s all together a different story that the failure was for my benefit only. I didn’t have the passion which my friend has so it feels really bad to see him in this state. I just want to say…my dear friend, I can identify with your feelings. I understand how it feels to fail and then get up again to fight with even greater strength. Just don’t lose your confidence, believe in yourself and your hard work and destiny too. Your hard work will get rewarded sooner or later.

Dear, I strongly believe that if God denies you something which you might be desiring like anything, he has some bigger plans for you. Even bigger than what you could ever think for yourself. Your intentions are so pure. You want to go ahead with your responsibilities and keep your family happy. You will. Believe me, at any cost you will. You need to become someone at whom the family members can look up to! Just fight and make every problem feel small in front of you. And cheer up…your life is much better than hundreds of people around you. You have a focus, you have the means to fulfill the dreams, you have blessings from family and friends. Aren’t these good reasons to be happy. You will soon perform up to the standards which you have set for yourself and even better. You will get your share of recognition and rewards from this life. May God bless you with all the good things in life. Amen!

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.


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  1. WW,

    Your friend is lucky to have a friend like you.And anyway,a winner always takes responsibility for his actions and never looks outside for apportioning blame.

    Dont worry.If he has the support of 4 friends like you he need not fear 10,00 foes:-)

    Willow: Thanks for your support. My friend is a sure shot winner and I believe he will go a long way.

  2. I too started with dream of becoming doctor, but didnt care much to fight about it. Your friend has finished undergraduate medical degree without any quota proves he is brilliant!

    It is sad to know he is having trouble to finish his PG degree. I wish him luck and my best wishes! I will pray that he can see light in the tunnel.

    Willow: Thanks for your wishes. I am sure my friend will be glad to see all these wishes from strangers.

  3. Hey I too studied Sanskrit in class 9-10!!! And in 11-12 I took bio maths as i wanted to pursue maths but loved bio!!! As my elder sister is doc I’m quite familiar with the problems and difficulties of medical profession. And its so hard to clear PG and more to get subject of one’s choice.
    Thankfully my sister did get admission in general category and became an ophthalmologist. Hope ur friend is successful and contented in his career.

    Willow: Now don’t tell me that our school history is also same! Hope you are not my long lost sister. Did you go to some kumbh ka mela! he he 😀

    Its really is a difficult task to secure a seat in UG or PG in medical line. I would consider climbing Everest comparatively easier.:) I am glad I didn’t get through though I was horrified at that time of not clearing even one after repeated attempts!

  4. As for your friend, he is a nice person and nice things happen to nice people… so dont u worry 🙂 things will happen and soon 🙂

    Willow: Thanks for your good wishes! I am sure my friend would be happy to see so many strangers caring for him. 🙂

  5. well it was a really touching message on your part. 🙂
    I know how much toil you poured in to succeed , so looking at a larger picture , he surely must have put in double the efforts inclusive of passion .
    i wish that he really succeeds in his field and continue to be at loggerhead with this world as it is those who win who dare to dream big!:)

    Willow: I know no one better than you can understand what all I put in during school days! 😀 But I am glad that I didn’t get through! 😉 Can’t waste myself and don’t even fancy being labeled as the first doctor in the family! 😀

    Very true: Those who dare to dream big can only win. If you are a part of the herd, what difference would it make if you succeed or failed. You won’t be noticed even. We all should follow are hearts no matter even if we have ppl telling us to go in opposite direction. I am glad I did it at the right time and will continue to do so! The good and the bad coming to me would be my choice then.

  6. i am sure whatever happens happens for the best… i am sure ur friend is going to be fine.. 🙂

    and hey, you are on my blogroll!! 🙂 🙂 hope its ok with you!

    Willow: Hope my friend gets what he is aiming for. 🙂

    Thanks for adding me to the blogroll dear!

  7. Imperfect Life: A Key to Perfect Happiness

    Happiness is always a by-product. It is probably a matter of temperament. But it is not something that can be demanded from life.

    And yeah, real happiness comes from plucking the treasures from our own brand of unhappiness.

    Colley Cibber is right who wrote years ago:

    The happy have whole days,
    and those they choose.
    The unhappy have but hours,
    and those they lose.


    Willow: Welcome to my blog!
    I agree with what Colley Cibber has to say. It’s kind of summing it all!

  8. more dan seats i curse the resrvation system in india….

    such a system provokes hatred…like today i hate each n every SC ST n OBC…..
    does their parents earn less??or they are socially backward

    i dont think so!!

    the vote bank…politics…is killing our unity!!

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