No Idea is a Good Idea!

  • It’s a real challenge for me at times to decide the topic for my write up.  So, at times I end up wandering on net from site to site and actually not writing anything at all. 😦   How do you choose the topic. Well,  if you are about to say, you blog about what you like and dislike… this won’t serve my purpose.  My radar of likings and disliking is so broad that it leaves me confused when it comes to picking the topic.

  • Discovered yesterday that Reema has given me the title of Ms. Artistic Blogger. It came as such a sweet surprise.  This girl surely knows how to boost people’s confidence! I am really curious how and why she chose me for this title! Reema, what is it about my blog that made you pick me for this title? 😀

  • Made a list of some interesting blogs. Again thanks to dear Reema. The blogs chosen for the awards are surely worth a visit or I should rather say repeated visits, though I need good time to read all of them. 😛

  • Read some interesting short stories and poems. The writer surely knows how to keep readers interest alive in stories.  Poems were on relatively darker side.  Somehow I feel Geek Wrestler (due to his Black Sabbath background) would like them. 😉

This is a good idea of churning out a post when you don’t have any idea! :mrgreen:



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  1. hey this was a really nice read! I particularly liked the idea of having a signature below. Thanks for the link of there…Will get the same for my blog. Great idea!

    Thanks! Cya around!

    Willow: I am glad you liked it. It’s easy to get this type of signature. Hope you can select one of your choice. 😛

  2. Just had one more question, do you just upload the image of your signature? or how did you get it on your blog?

    Willow: There are two ways of getting the signature. Once you have created the signature, it will ask you:
    1. Want to download this signature?
    2. Want to use this signature.

    If you choose the first option, you can download the signature as an image and embed it in your posts just like other images.

    If you choose the second option, it will again give you two options:
    1. Generate HTML code
    2. Generate BB code
    You can chose the HTML code option. You can then paste the generated code in your post.
    This code generation thing has just one flaw. If this mylivesignature website is down, your signature would not display on your blog. This is because HTML code picks up the signature from the site through a specific ID generated.

    Hope I didn’t confuse you much! 😀
    Let me know in case you need help! At my blog, I use the HTML code method only.

  3. LOL … the first pic is awesome … 🙂
    yes .. i think reema knows how to make others happy.. 😛
    unfortunately she is not happy now 😦 just saw her post..
    nice way to post when u dont have something to…

    Willow: You liked the junky post! Great! 😀
    Ya, I read her post. It was pretty depressing and I felt really angry thinking why do people behave in this way. 😦

  4. Oh the header image and all the creative things u do and write; thats why i chose that title. I m nowhere near to painting and drawing and all this creative stuff…or lets say anything artistic.
    Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

    Willow: Hey, don’t say you are nowhere near to creativity. Your writing skills reflect your art and creativity so well! I must admit that I am not a skilled writer. It doesn’t come naturally to me. 😛

    Why should we limit creativity to just painting and drawing! We bloggers are nothing, but a bunch of creative minds! What say?? 😉

  5. i second what you said about reema! she gave out so many blog awards, i wonder how long it took you to think up of them all, reema!

    No wonder Reema has invested so much time and with patience chose all the deserving bloggers. 🙂

  6. @Willow: I never knew you mad written two more posts. I have read Chocho chip story on booksie, will comment soon. Artistic blogger award suits you because of your choice of topics as well. What happened to your idea of writing art appreciation posts? writeup about painting? There you have another topic to write other than a followup post.

    @Reema: Girl, I am still to write a post for the sweet gesture of awarding me best blogger. 🙂 Your friendship post has made me want to write about my blogging friends too. I openly declare I am copying. 🙂

    Willow: I didn’t put up new post message on my gtalk status this time, else you would have known about the new posts. 🙂

    You too share the same thought as Reema about the award… I am glad! 😀
    Thanks for reminding me about art appreciation posts…I somehow forgot…your habit is getting rubbed on me! he he! Just kidding! 😛

    You would find too much stuff on booksie: Poems and short stories. Kshitij has been posting at a maddening rate. 😀

  7. Hey thanks for the link. I’ll surely check it out. 🙂 Btw, I have also signed up for that Booksie thing.. still have to upload a story though..

    Willow: Booksie has some serious types of authors. I don’t qualify for it..can’t write stories or poems! 😀

    Do let me know if you upload something.

  8. hey same pinch on the topic stuff! 🙂 and thanks for the signature knowledge too!

    As for Reema, she is simply superb! 🙂 🙂

    Willow: Hope I can see the signature in your blog posts now!

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