Imperfect Life: A Key to Perfect Happiness


Came across a new term today “Vexation.” It refers to a lasting distress condition. Life is like that. We are constantly under distress. Sometimes emotional, sometimes financial, career or spouse, health or bad people one or the other thing keeps the “vexation cycle” going on. 😦

So, does that mean, being a human being we have lost the key to perfect life. Right?

Wrong. There is no such thing called perfect life. So, why we should look for a perfect happy life. And not finding it, crib and become more unhappy.

This life is meant to be lived not spent. Most of us hardly understand what’s the difference between living and spending life. Even animals have a life, which they spend mechanically looking for food and water everyday. They don’t have a goal higher than these basic needs.

But, we any day stand above the beasts. We have a brain, we have emotions and needs. We feel, we interpret. So, why not live rather than spend our life. Happiness comes in small packets which we often miss in hope of receiving a huge, nicely wrapped gift box which will fill our life with happiness and make it perfect.

Let’s live by every moment, not sparing a moment when we can crack a joke, laugh, smile… this very moment will never come again in our life.  Let’s see what’s good and leave the bad. Remember the smiles, the nice words people said for us, forget the bitter people and their hard words. There’s no space for them in life. 🙂

Let’s take a pledge to break the “vexation cycle.”

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Abraham Lincoln


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  1. Good post! I wrote a post too on living truly and enjoying every moment.

    p.s. I think u havent seen that u have got an award?

    Willow: I am glad you liked the post! Will read your thoughts too on this.
    I have got an award! 😀 Wow! I am thrilled…thank you so so much… muah! muah! 😀
    I promise I will work harder to make my blog a visual treat for all my visitors. 🙂

  2. I will repeat my favorite line, “Life is not as simple as it seems….”
    But after reading our post, I think I will now refine it further….
    “Life is not as simple as it seems….lets just live it”

    Thanks and Cheers

    Willow: You are right in saying that life is not as simple as it seems. The person who goes through the difficulties is the only one who actually feels the heat. But, only if we can do anything about it. We can’t weed out problems from our life. So, let’s learn to live with them putting our best. It’s an art to be happy, hold a smile even in the saddest of situations.

  3. Good one WW.

    The difference is in viewing the glass as half empty or half full; we spend our lives looking for that life changing moment,when in fact each moment is in fact life changing.
    that unexpected moment may be just round the corner-a child’s laugh, a snatch of music…the unexpected lies in real life.

    Willow: I am glad we share the same vision! 🙂

  4. Yeah the only limiting thing is the greed and attachment which somehow always crept in. Until you can get rid of these things, you can’t actually enjoy life. But you can always wear a mask and say “He life’s so cool”, deep inside its NOT.

    Animals on other hand enjoy their life, why because they don’t care what is boundary, how much money he/she has, is he/she envy of me and there is no such language as deleterious as we have. Complexity gives rise to entropy and entropy gives rise to instability.

    btw life is bittersweet and you live till the end either bidding goodbye before or after a great war. Don’t you think we are jaded by this mechanical progress, emotions are losing out to mechanical expressions.
    Btw watch this video and realize the most happiest time was our childhood:

    Sorry but I sound dull, but am too the part of this herd 😦

    Willow: Hi T! Welcome to my blog!

    I wonder how long one can wear a mask and pretend to be happy when you are actually feeling the opposite. It’s not easy to show and feel two totally different things. It can leave you torn and disillusioned.

    You are right in saying that complexity of our life has made it unstable. We live with a mesh of emotions, expectations and longings. If they are fulfilled we are happy and if not we are unsatisfied and discontent. Well, I guess that’s what differentiates us from animals. The level of comprehending and understanding life.

    Life is surely bittersweet and its our choice if we leave it as it is like a mute spectator or get in the ring and fight. The level of satisfaction derived in both ways differ for different people. I too feel that emotions at times are replaced by mechanical expressions. This could be towards your friends, family, spouse or any other near and dear one. I would take this as a clear indicator of my falling behind in life and would like to revisit and ponder over what all is happening around me to get back with bang!

    At times its a wish to be a part of herd and at times it feels great to lead!

  5. love this post… its so true…i guess it all depends on us as to see our life as ‘perfect’ or ‘imperfect’ and it is surely in our hands…

    love it…!


    Willow: So true 😀
    Glad you liked the post.

  6. Willow,
    I appreciated reading the initial post as well as the thoughtful comments of the others. I love Lincoln’s quote too – how insightful! As a third ager or baby boomer, I have always felt that life-long learning has been a key to reducing the imperfections in my life and the anxiety that Ive felt during my midlife transitions.

    I’d like to share another quote from the renowned twentieth century French philosopher Henri Bergson: “To exist is to change; to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” For me education has always been an important part of my own process of self renewal.

    Willow: Thanks for your visit Frank! It’s good to meet like minded people like you in the virtual world. I completely agree o whatever you say here. Truly, educating oneself is an important part of the process of self renewal.

    Cheers to these thoughts and true calling of this wonderful journey called life. 😛

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