Monthly Archives: August 2008

Taking a Forced Break


I have not been able to post anything for quite sometime. If you visited my blog for any new post and felt repeatedly disappointed, I am really sorry. I have taken up a new job which is keeping me a little busy! 🙂

I have also not been able to read and comment at what all my blogger friends have written. 😦

I will be soon back in the blogging circle.

For the time being, I believe **Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that’s where you renew your springs that never dry up.**

So let me renew my spring and bring back a wave of smiles for you.

Till then…take care.


Letter to a Friend


This post is dedicated to one of my oldest childhood friends. We have been together in school right from the elementary classes. So, it’s been quite a long association. We were in same class, except during 9th and 10th standard when we were separated based on our choice of language. He chose Hindi and I took Sanskrit. But, we were soon together in the same class once again. Both of us opted for science stream, with a dream to become great doctors! We had a very small batch of medical stream students, less than 25. All of us wanted to crack Pre-Medical test. It’s altogether a different thing, that only one of us could do that! 🙂 Yeah you guessed it right-my friend. Rest either drifted to other streams (I being one of them! :P) or took admission by acquiring paid seats. 😦

But, today after chatting with him, I felt really sad and disappointed. 😦 We all know about the lack of seats in Medical colleges in India (Thanks to ever increasing population and reservations!.) You really need to have good stars to get admission in PG. 👿 Because of lack of sufficient seats in India (for the General category), my friend has gone to US to appear for an exam. There too he is facing some hurdles due to difference in educational structure. He wants to become an orthopedic but to study ortho in US requires the candidate should  have written research papers, publications and have good credentials. No second thought, our Indian educational system is a far cry. So, right in the beginning my friend is being forced to make a compromise by taking up some other specialization subject.

After every night, there is a ray of light.

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