Balance Your Energies: Part 1


Finally, I dumped my lethargic streak to write down something! :mrgreen: Hope it’s not a difficult to understand read.

This is a follow-on post to a previously written post “The 7 Chakras.”

Our body is an open source of energy. This means that it can freely exchange energy from its immediate surroundings. Chakras, which happen to be primary centers of energy carry out this exchange of energy. Therefore, if our surroundings are healthy and positive, we receive positive energy and feel good. Imagine the last time when you went to disco with your friends—you liked the lighting, you swayed with music, you loved the décor and you’re the result was… you felt on the top of the world, happy, cheerful and elated! So, that was the affect of positive environment on you. 😀

On the other hand, hospital surroundings are enough to put anyone down. You can easily feel depressed in such surroundings signifying that the surroundings are not very healthy for the energy exchange with your body! The same can happen in company of unpleasant people whom you dislike strongly. 😦

For your body to stay healthy, all the 7 chakras need to have an unhindered exchange of positive energy with the surroundings.  Let’s understand it in a simple manner. Suppose you had a fight with your friend today. You were stressed as a result, you thought about the entire episode repeatedly. The images of fight kept playing in your mind. You felt hurt by your friend’s unpleasant words. You retort in anger. The entire fight scenario kept playing in your subconscious evoking emotional response. This can directly affect your heart, third eye and crown chakra blocking the energy flow. 😯

Once the energy exchange is blocked the stress starts building on your body. Once it passes your body’s tolerance level, it shows in form of physical pain. The headache you felt after the fight is an indication level that your body’s energy equilibrium is falling to negative side. Now, it’s high time you should start thinking about the fight, open a tin of your favourite drink and do some channel surfing! 😉

In the next posts, I will talk about how you can balance the energy flow b/w your chakras and surrounding and the specific emotions that relate to each chakra. 😀


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  1. Does that mean that the decor of our house also plays a role in making us sad or angry??
    Offices across India also have very set colourful patterns now. Guess, its because they want to keep employees cheerful in such stress.

    Willow: Well.. yes!! The decor of the house also has the potential of making you sad or angry. Don’t expect such things instantly. Such affects are visible over a period of time. Say, if your room walls are painted in black colour and even the upholstery is black…imagine how you would feel day by day living in such kind of environment. Colours cheer you up! You must have heard people calling Vastu and Feng shui experts to their houses for such corrections. All these arts are interlinked.

    You are quite right in pointing that offices keep nice and colourful decors to keep employees cheerful! Anytime you would like to work in an office with nice, bright and cheery interiors rather than getting trapped in a dull place with bad lights and interiors.

  2. heya!!! i wish u wrote everyday…then u could be my daily dose of positivity…actually you are…:D but if you wrote everyday, then ur writing could do the job in your absence! 😀

    Willow: Can’t promise to write everyday. Wo mere dimaag ki batti roz roz jalti nahi! 😀
    But, will try to write every alternate day. Let’s see how I perform! 😛

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