Life of Pie


Today I managed to finish reading Life of Pi. 😀 I had seen this book lying on pavement shops in Connaught Place. Somehow the title attracted me and I went for it. Life of Pi has been written by Yann Martel. He is a Canadian author who bagged Booker’s prize for this work.

The book is based on the experience of a boy named Piscine Molitor Patel. The boy nicknamed himself as Pi after suffering the nickname of Pissing at his school. 😛 The book is basically a travelogue. Such is the charisma of the writer that one can hardly guess that it’s a travelogue till you have read a good half part of the book. 🙄

Pi is the son of a zookeeper, who grows up in Pondicherry in India. His family decides to sell all the animals and migrate to Canada. But, fate had decided something cruel for the 16 year old boy. The ship carrying all the animals and his family sinks.

Everybody drowns except Pi, a Bengal tiger, a hyena, an orangutan and a zebra. The story becomes exciting when all of the five survivors find themselves haring one lifeboat. The author intricately describes through various incidents the naked truth behind survival of the fittest concept. Out of the five survivors, Pi and the Bengal tiger lived to touch the land once again after being in sea for 227 days. 😳

It’s a sheer tale of test of endurance, grit and determination, strength of mind and patience. Yann Martel keeps the story of Pi’s long voyage moving at an interesting pace. You know from the beginning that Pi will survive, but at times you wonder how he will overcome each challenge he faces.

Even a simple thought of getting in such a scenario makes me shudder. Imagine losing your family, getting stuck with wild animals, eating and drinking any and everything you find, dead or alive, veg or non-veg for survival. Oh God! 👿

By the way, I found the name of the Bengal tiger quite funny — Richard Parker. When the story started, this name popped up again and again and I was left guessing who is this Richard Parker, only to realize later that it’s a tiger! 😀

You can read the excerpt here.


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  1. Wow..u’re doing a good job of encouraging people to get into the habit of reading….the write up sure piqued my curiosity about the book…i think u shud work for a commission!!!! 😛

    Willow: Thank you! 😀
    Is there anyone who can hire me for commission? 😛 I hope some blessed soul reads this and gets in touch with me!

  2. This book was an unique experience. I read it long time back and found it intriguing.

    Willow: Thanks for telling me that it’s a travelogue. I wouldn’t have nurtured any such expectation even after reading half of it. It’s so unpredictable. 😉

  3. I really wanted to read this one 😀 now you are making me more excited about it

    Willow: Go for it! Hope you like it too…it’s a little different one. 🙂

  4. hey i read the book 2 and i thought it was preaty good 2. i also was asking myself many times “who the heck is this Richard Parker guy?””
    found out it was a tiger…haha figures!!!

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