Funny Toilet Signs


Sometime back, one of my friends sent me a mail which left me in splits. Thought of sharing you the contents of the mail. 😀

P.S.: The idea of this post is not to make fun of any nation or its culture. Please take it as pure humour.









USA: Georgia

Hope it didn’t get too vulgar! 😛

Why this post found a place in my blog?

Simple, I found the signs amusingly creative. And anything related to creativity can find place in my blog. 🙂


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  1. 😀 I got the same mail it seems but there were many more signs in it.

    Willow: Seems like these forward mails never spare anyone! 😀

  2. I too have got this mail, but as Reema says with lots of signs. I have seen several posts about it. I saved it because I was planning to write about lack of toilet manners in Indians.

    When I come back here again, I will give you links to humorous posts about toilet signs.

    Willow: Cool! I will wait for more toilet signs! 😛

  3. HIlarious 😀

    Willow: Thank you for forwarding me this Toilet Sign mail!
    People I want to thank Prachi for giving me a chance to post this mail! muah muah! 😀

  4. ROFL..
    just brilliant as u said its so creative..
    i fell of my chair laughing when i came to korea 😛

    Willow: Enjoy! 😀

  5. Thank u for declaring to the world I enjoy and spread toilet humor…I take a humble bow!

    Willow: He he! 😀
    Prachi my friend…the post is popular…look people are falling off their chairs laughing their heart out! 😛
    We also enjoy toilet humour and would like to spread it. Poonam has promised she will give me more such signs! 😉

  6. Hungary was my absolute favourite. Very descriptive. 😉
    Great creativity. 😆

    Yes! Creativity at its best! 😛

  7. This is excellent! The china one? ROLFMAO

    I didn’t understand the Spain one… ><

    Willow: Spain just distinguishes using the lower clothing…:)

  8. Korea was funny !!! nice collection 🙂 where did you get this from ?

    willow: one of my friends sent me these pics….but you can easily find lots of such on net also. 🙂

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