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Balance Your Energies: Part 1


Finally, I dumped my lethargic streak to write down something! :mrgreen: Hope it’s not a difficult to understand read.

This is a follow-on post to a previously written post “The 7 Chakras.”

Our body is an open source of energy. This means that it can freely exchange energy from its immediate surroundings. Chakras, which happen to be primary centers of energy carry out this exchange of energy. Therefore, if our surroundings are healthy and positive, we receive positive energy and feel good. Imagine the last time when you went to disco with your friends—you liked the lighting, you swayed with music, you loved the décor and you’re the result was… you felt on the top of the world, happy, cheerful and elated! So, that was the affect of positive environment on you. 😀

On the other hand, hospital surroundings are enough to put anyone down. You can easily feel depressed in such surroundings signifying that the surroundings are not very healthy for the energy exchange with your body! The same can happen in company of unpleasant people whom you dislike strongly. 😦

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Monsoon’s Maniacal Magic


It’s Monday morning and it rained heavily last night. - 1000s of Free Smileys

Somehow rains make me sick. 😡 Now don’t stare in amazement, there are people who can hate rain!. 👿 Somehow, I refuse to step out of my house whenever it rains! I like to stay inside and watch rain (without a drop of water falling on me), eat, read, and listen to music. 🙂

But, I didn’t have such grand choices today as my office management won’t understand my emotions. 😥 After getting up in the morning, I was pondering what all choices I have:

1. Go to office late (But, there is no guarantee that the rain would stop!) 😐
2. Not go at all (I have already exhausted my leave reserve and have to let go my one day salary!) 😯

Well, both the options appeared equally appealing. I end up giving reasons to myself to choose anyone of the two. And what did I chose people, none of the two. 😦

I came to office at the regular time. My family members do understand that I hate rains and somehow push me to reach office on time, just like a kid is made to go to school forcefully. If I am not forced, I guess I will soon end up exhausting all my paid leaves during monsoon season itself. 😛

But, when did I actually start hating rains and why? 🙄

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