Female Farming


Yesterday night while I was flipping the pages of a fashion and lifestyle magazine, I happen to read something very weird. 😯

The magazine had published an article about a country called Mauritania in Africa. Something very weird is being practiced there. The females at this place are force fed food to make them obese (Talk about Africa…where there is a shortage of food). The females are made to gain as much as 60 to 100 Kg of weight.

The reason is that it’s a common thought there that bulky females would attract more wealthy suitors and would be able to serve there husbands better. The common notion goes by that if you are extremely hazardously healthy it signifies that you are rich and flourishing! This is so ridiculous. 😡

Girls as young as 14 years of age are being force fed. In fact there is a school run by a lady where the females are made obese. Unwilling girls are made to join that school forcibly by their families. Once the female is in the school and she refuses to eat, she is punished till she gives in. The females in the school just eat, rest a little bit and then again eat, then again rest a little, and then again eat,…and the cycle repeats.

The magazine also said that some section of the males is showing inclination towards slim females owing to influence from the West.

Well, I don’t know what all would be needed other than a mere inclination to stop this stupid practice. Though the article said that the number of force fed females has reduced, but it’s so humiliating and disgusting to think of fattening or thinning females like cattle depending on the preferences of males. 😕

You can read a version of article here.


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  1. Thats really weird !!!! are they going to sell them off ??

    btw, if there is any school like that here, let m know, I am interested .. coz I am sooooo thin 😦

    Willow: Well I don’t know, if the female’s family accepts any money from the groom for marrying her off. The article didn’t say anything about it.

    I don’t know any school which you can join to get fat…I have heard of just the VLCCs which make you lose fat! 😀 And going to Africa is a bad idea… 🙂

  2. they shouldn’t force-feed those girls. if the man want big women, they can them easily almost anywhere in the world. 😛 ironic, seeing as the world is fat-phobic, and in this part they want women fat! 😕

    Willow: It’s so true that the world is going fat-phobic while the scenario in this part of Africa is quite unexpected. 🙄

  3. Its completely understandable. The reason is itself there in the sentence //(Talk about Africa…where there is a shortage of food).// In a place where everyone is suffering from malnutrition an overweight person symbolises good health and prosperity. Thats why they r in demand. Good health of mother would mean better chance of child to survive. Fat phobia exists in a world where there is more than enough to eat,where many food items are a luxury and where being fat is considered to be a disease. But in a place where one sees skinny skeleton like females obviously the overweight ones look attractive. Moreover as Allan Pease of body language fame analyzes in his other book that there are certain characteristics (body parts n their shapes & sizes) of a female body that appeals to men and vice versa. And this can be seen even in old Indian sculptures of females.

    Willow: I totally agree with your thoughts Reema.

  4. Good Lord!!!! The world is a weird place. Some things are beyond my comprehension and I am utterly shocked by this post.

    Willow: I was also shocked when I first read about this. I am sure this news must have shocked many more like us. 😐

  5. truth is stranger than fiction…and so very absurd at times. the people seem to have taken the popular lines of a song, “jiski biwi moti uska bhi bada naam hai”, a little too seriously. When most of Africa is reeling in food shortage now comes this story of a part of Africa that seems to have surplus of it!

    Willow: Welcome to my blog Animesh!
    The song chosen by you fits the situation quite well! 😀
    Quite possible that the man with the fattest wife must be famous and very rich. But, only in Mauretania.

  6. I live in Morocco, and I have heard stories about the same kinds of things in the far south (in the Western Sahara province of Morocco); this would be very close to Mauretania.

    Madame Monet, in Marrakesh
    Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

    Willow: Welcome to my blog Madame Monet! 🙂
    It’s sad to hear that a similar scenario exists in another part of world too. 😦 Our living conditions, requirement of food, water, wealth along with norms of society can drive us to some unexpected limits.

  7. Speechless and horrified…makes you think about all sorts of superstitions people will resort to..what for? a suitor for the women in the house? Why so that they will be secure…and what do they do…kill them by over feeding them…where will people stop?

    There are various sociological aspects that have been raised by this post!!!! Keep up the good work…

    Wilow: Thanks! 😀
    I wish we put a final full stop to all this nonsense. I already had my hands full by reading a post by Poonam and one by Reema which focused on all the atrocities which females are made to bear. 😦

  8. Maybe its because there is too much hunger in Africa – as it is there is so much food shortage there that people can be perennially hungry and malnutrition ed , so i suspect there is this mindset. no wonder the demonstration effect
    It is no different from fair and lovely and dowry culture and wanted engineer / doctor for bride culture -of the rich in India.

    Willow: I think you are very much right! Fattiness is the sign of prosperity.

  9. Wow, this is very interesting. I never heard of this before! If I get fat I want it to be because of my own appetite!

    Willow: I too never heard of it before! Strange world it is! 😀

  10. What a bunch of ethno centric morons most of you are. It’s always amazing how people here in the west need to apply their values and their westernized morals to other cultures. It’s pathetic and shows your lack of worldliness. I’ve been all over the world and I never seen a culture so full of itself as western culture and especially the western culture in the US. No wonder the rest of the world hates our meddlesome greedy guts.

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