My Idea of Religion


How many times you pray in a day, visit a temple or church or any another sacred place? Say one, two or three times… or even more if you are too religious and god fearing.

And how many good deeds did you do today? Did you help someone in need? Did you feed a hungry person or did you help a wounded animal? Are you still thinking hard to recall what you actually did today which could benefit someone who is in dire need?

And if you really are thinking hard and not able to recall anything, I would say all your religious and god fearing feelings are at stake. Feeding a poor child is far better a form of worship than visiting the temple 3 times a day. How many of you would buy this? I think quite a few.

I have seen many people attending religious gatherings to hear some preaching and then bitched and abused people whom they hate. What good is it? Religion and God preaches us kindness, respect and love towards other people. So, why behave against religion and still be religious. History has witnessed and we are still witnessing so many killings on the pretext of religion but is it worth? I wonder. I am a firm believer in God, or rather some unseen force which guides me. I would love to treat a wounded animal instead of visiting a temple and would still call myself religious.

We need to bring a change in our perception of religion and belief in God. Doing one good deed a day is as good as remembering God. By doing something which could benefit humanity, you are on a path where you feel yourself nearer to God.


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  1. Agreed, I consider myself religious but its hard to find me in a temple. I don’t identify with it, especially the need for regularity of it.

    Willow: I too think being religious has nothing to do with its regularity.

  2. my idea of religion is that there isn’t one; i don’t really subscribe to the idea of religion, as ultimately it is man-made in my opinion. what i do believe though is that one should try to be a good person and have his or her conscience clear. what you believe doesn’t really matter.

    personally, i am a sort of theist; i believe that whatever religion you choose to embrace or believe in, it all exists. so christians will have their everlasting lives as according to the bible, buddhists may have their reincarnations if they fulfill the criteria etc. i think what you believe in this life, you pretty much would expect to face it after death.

    Willow: Following the principle of “To each his own”, I truly respect your opinion here. I have the same thoughts that religion is a man made opinion and that we should try to be a good person with clear conscience. Thats enough to live a worthy and peaceful life. šŸ™‚

  3. well ,u conveyed what i always felt…i hardly go to temples..
    what u said is very true people are ignorantly religious…
    but then its quite difficult to change the perception particularly in a religious country like india.
    and that pic was just wonderful ..

    Willow: I wish if we all could have this kind of perception about religion, India would be a much happy place to live. I really feel sad when people kill each other and destroy property on the name of religion. Religion and none of the Gods ever preach this. We humans tend to mold religion according to our ease and benefit.

    I too liked the pic thats why its in the post. šŸ™‚ I sort of found it very compassionate and empathic.

  4. I completely endorse what you have written in this post.. Feeding a poor child, help in one in need, not hurting others are ways to please god…this is what god wants from us…going to a temple was discussed here as a sign of religiosity…i go to a temple everyday without fail…not because i think it will please god..but because it helps me..immensely…it helps me give a form to the magical power within me..the mystical power that runs this world..who has seen that power? a deity is nothing but a devout’s creation from his or her own imagination. God is far too great far too big to want our is merely human selfishness to visit a place of worship because it is an outlet for all the negativity in our hearts. At least that is the case for me.

    Willow: It feels nice to see that we have in our generation such kind of individuals for whom definition of religion and worship is so sacred. At least we don’t boast off a superficiality at the name of religion. We don’t commit inhuman acts on the name of God and religion.

    We have God in our heart and we feel the presence of the supreme power by being human. Going to a temple, a gurudwara, a church or a masjid just to feel a connection with the power can be really peaceful. I personally like to go to church not because I am being religious or I have to light a candle in front of God, but just to feel the silence and the peaceful atmosphere there which helps me to look inside myself, connect to the supreme power and pep up my reserve of positivity. šŸ˜€

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