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Female Farming


Yesterday night while I was flipping the pages of a fashion and lifestyle magazine, I happen to read something very weird. 😯

The magazine had published an article about a country called Mauritania in Africa. Something very weird is being practiced there. The females at this place are force fed food to make them obese (Talk about Africa…where there is a shortage of food). The females are made to gain as much as 60 to 100 Kg of weight.

The reason is that it’s a common thought there that bulky females would attract more wealthy suitors and would be able to serve there husbands better. The common notion goes by that if you are extremely hazardously healthy it signifies that you are rich and flourishing! This is so ridiculous. 😡

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Human Aura


Some summers ago when I was in college (seems like ages to me already! 😮 ) I got the chance to get my aura captured. It so happened that my family planned to pay a visit to one of the relatives who was into healing therapies such as reiki and aura cleansing. To get my aura photographed I had to go to my relative’s friend’s place. This person had a special camera which captures the aura.

Before you jump to google about aura, (in case you don’t know) let me make this post a little more understandable for you. 😉

In simple words, aura can be described as the energy fields that surround the human body. So, you, me aur hum all have an aura which is specific to ourselves. The colour of the aura varies from person to person depending upon personality, behaviour, nature etc. Aura appears like a coloured halo. But, don’t confuse it by visualizing the circle of light which we can see in n no. of pictures of saints and gods. :mrgreen: Read the rest of this entry