It’s Women’s Day Once Again!


ladyI really wonder, why only one day in the whole year is acknowledged as Women’s day! From my perspective, all the 365 days belong to women!

We fulfill our roles diligently as sisters, daughters, mothers, wives, friends,…and still manage to shine at the professional front. Isn’t it brilliant? Being a woman is an achievement in itself. No offences towards the opposite sex, but we are like that…nurturing, caring, doting, loving, sacrificing, responsible, reliable, patient…and the list goes on! 🙂

It’s time we acknowledge who we are and what we are capable of. We are no sissy babies who need men to lend their shoulders for support. Men are most welcome as our companions, but not as the controllers of our lives. So, wake up ladies, brace yourself and get hold of all the happiness which you deserve in your life.

Happy Women’s Day

Before the post becomes anti-men, I would like to end it. 🙂


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  1. Yeah lady!!!Girl power rules!!!here’s a joke to show that women are the original rock stars…

    A teacher asked his students to punctuate the sentence, “A woman without her man is nothing.”

    Boys being boys came up with “A woman without her man, is nothing.”

    And the ladies…not girls…retorted with “A woman: without her, man is NOTHING!!!”

    hahahaah…on a more serious note, i truly believe that men and women are two equal parts of a whole…without one, the other is incomplete… 😀

  2. So men are not nurturing or caring? 😀

    I find excessive woman exaltation to be kind of … sexist, which is exactly what we shouldn’t be doing. Women are human, just as men are.

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