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What does your handwriting say?


Have you ever tried to look at your handwriting keenly, say in an investigating mode? Why do I make “o” in such a rounded manner or why is the loop of “y” so long and curvy? Do you know that your handwriting is the projection of your personality?

The study and analyses of handwriting is called Graphology. Sadly, there are quite a few takers of this scientific art in India. A Graphologer may use several characteristics of your handwriting such as the size and shape of letters, the slant, spacing between letters, the margins, words and lines, rhythm, evenness, connective forms, beginning and end strokes and your regular signature to decode your personality.

self test

Click the tab to analyse your handwriting.

Make sure you have a writing sample with you to refer. Be patient and refer to multiple instances while mapping the text to your sample.

Don’t forget to share your analysis. 🙂


Love is in the Air…Happy Valentine’s Day!


Though, I believe there is no special day for celebration of love, but I would liberally take the opportunity to thank all my friends and dear ones, who by their love and care have made my life worth living for. 🙂 Thank you everybody…I love you all.


Love is care, Love is prayer

Love is tears, Love is joy

Love is devotion, Love is passion

Love is contentment, Love is peace

To love all, should be our only need!

Cheers to this beautiful feeling called “love.”