Scent of Life


fragDo you know that different aromas have different effect on our moods and emotions? This is a scientifically proved fact that aromas or scents can transform our emotions and heal our bodies. Aromas not only are a treat for our physical bodies but there use also ensures an elevated state of mind.Just recall the last time when you felt happier after wearing your favorite perfume! 🙂

Light up a few aromatic candles in your dimly lit room. Simply listen to some soft music or read a book or just lie down. You will end up feeling happy and positive. The scent emitted by the candles will enhance your mood, lift your spirits and heal your tensions. So, next time when you feel devoid of energy and dull, use aromatherapy to elevate your mood and feel relaxed.


When shopping for aromatherapy candles, be sure not to confuse them with scented ones, which merely contain a fragrance, and not natural essential oils which are therapeutic in nature.

Go ahead and let your life bloom like a scented flower devoid of all the stress, sadness and tensions! 😛



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  1. @Prachi: It will surely work dear. Do try and post your response. I will wait for it. And don’t forget to buy genuine candles.

  2. @Poonam: That’s my genuine opinion…I ve not tied up with any aromatic candle brand! 😛 So, follow my tips and get candles. ek mere liye bhi ley ana! 😛

  3. @Priyanka: Oh that’s cool! Treat yourself and your hubby and let me know how it worked! 😆

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