Funky Fashion


Yesterday I came across a few creations of Manish Arora on one of the websites. The creations were a part of Chivas Fashion Tour. And I must say the dresses were eccentric! The color palatte seemed to have every single colour that you can imagine.

Well…I have no doubt that the designer is talented but, his creations left me wondering if anybody really adorns them or are they just meant to be showcased on ramp?

Anybody for these clothes! Girls..what do you say? 😛


Tippy Tippy Tap..which colour you want!


Shocking Pink! Does it shock you?


Snakes and Ladders a.k.a ludo….wanna play? 🙂


You surely need to be a reptile lover to have that yellow snake as accessory!


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  1. Wow. The girls are hot. The clothes are not. Personally I am not very fond of this Manish guy. I think he was better off playing Udham Singh on Channel V

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