This is my very first post. It’s dedicated to one of the well known van goghpainters—Vincent van Gogh who used colours as the medium for his expressions. Isn’t it a great skill, using colours to show your moods, emotions, mental state! 🙂

Van Gogh was a very emotional person and lacked self-confidence. Before becoming a painter, he had two unsuccessful stints with other career options which he had chosen. Not to mention, he was twice unsuccessful in love too! 😦

I wonder if this unhappiness and unsuccessful state drove him to discover his passion for the art. His state of mind was reflected in the dark color palettes which he chose for his paintings.

While in Paris, he met some other famous painters like Monnet, Gauguin etc. But, his nervous temperament made him a difficult companion. One day in a fit of epilepsy, he ended up cutting a portion of Gauguin’s ear lobe. Soon, he began to alternate between fits of madness and lucidity and was admitted to an asylum. He committed suicide by shooting himself. Surprisingly, he just managed to sell only one painting during his lifetime. After his death, many of his paintings were reproduced using various art techniques.

Many of his famous paintings such as Starry Night are a part of New York’s Modern Art Museum.

starry night 1

If you notice, the painting has been made using powerful, rhythmic lines. This gives an insight into the mind of the painter. May be he wanted to convey that he is fighting with his life, may be it was his struggle against his mental state which drove him to commit suicide or was it his expression of spirituality.

Van Gogh emotion’s found an outlet in his paintings. I feel it’s important for all of us to find at least one such activity or work which can keep us grounded by acting as an outlet for our expressions. So, go ahead and do whatever makes you feel special because you have the right to be happy and peaceful.



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  1. are huzoor wah wah hai bilkul 😀 poonam is right! Thanks to u, the uninitiated into the world of art, such as yours truly, will gain some insight into this alluring world.

  2. hey shikha, great work, i liked the topics you have touched and yes i do agree on the manish’s fashion faux-paux (i liked one of them although :)), keep rocking, cheers 🙂

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